Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New year aint starting so good.

    Ok here is the reason why I want the house cleared. It is why my projects have took so long and lost 40+ pounds since spring.

    For about 6 months I have had a sore throat and right after Thanksgiving my neck started swelling on the right side. It would come and go . I made a promise to the wife that I would go to a doctor as soon as Christmas was over. For me that is something . Well Christmas weekend the food the talking and general holiday commotion did me in. I couldn't talk I was coughing blood and it looked like I had a hamster stuck in my throat.
    Monday morning after Christmas I agreed to go to the emergency room. The blood scared me ,but what sealed the deal was what the wife said  she would do to me and what she wouldn't do for me, unless I got my ass in the car.
    It took 16 hour of waiting and being seen. I was X rayed , CT scanned, had a scope run down my nose and throat. Well I had a pretty good idea what the verdict was going to be.

    I have a "growth" on the epiglottis in my throat ( the flap over your wind pipe) till a biopsy then I can call it cancer. The blood was from the swelling, irritation food ,coughing and sodas. The lump is a swollen lymph node due to the "growth". I got 3 steroid shots  told to sleep sitting  in a chair for the night . An appointment with an  E N T and wished merry Christmas .

     Not having insurance it will be interesting to see what the bill for that visit will be. Since then I have gotten a form of medical insurance but that's 2 post in itself .


  1. Wow, let's hope it's an easy fix and nothing serious. The up side is losing 40 lbs.! Keep us up to date, we'll be thinking about you.

    1. Thanks Mike I hope it will be an easy fix but it could get involved also. I started to not post about it but felt I needed someplace to get it off my mind.

  2. try medicaid. look on line to see about applying.
    it is a pain but worth it as you are too young for medicare.
    also, there are foundations that pay for meds.
    that is how my husband is getting his meds. 18,000$ per month.
    pills must be solid diamond.
    anthem insurance will pay for some but expect us to pay 3000$ per month!
    how can you pay out more than you get?
    so doc's employee who is up on these charities has gotten us help.

    if your doc doesn't have someone to do this find someone.
    there are people who help get the aid.
    will pray for you.
    youth is on your side.

    1. Deb I have gotten on county indigent care. It will take 2 weeks for me to work through their medical staff. This is beyond their ability so they will send me to right back to the ENT that saw me in the emergency room.

    2. thanks to God for the indigent programs!
      'a merry heart doeth good like a medicine', so keep cheerful.
      daughter has ordered comedy films through the public library.
      she and her daddy watch these on her computer.
      she says that cheer and laughter release good chemicals in the body and strengthen the immune system.

  3. Holy crap dude.

    A bad day?

    Jesus Christ man, who cares what the hell it costs, just get it fixed pronto!

    I had that epiglottis thing swell up on me one time to the size of a small grape and it ain't no joke, the damn thing can suffocate ya if it gets too damn big.

    1. I agree Phil it is no joke. Last night it stuck closed for a few seconds when I tried to lay down. I spent the afternoon in clinic getting steroids and antibiotics they seem to have reduced swelling this morning. The clinic has fast tracked my appointments.