Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tests are in.

     Well I got my test and biopsy report today Not Good. I am stage 4 laryngeal  throat cancer. The ENT surgeon pushed for removal of voice box , neck lymph nodes and permeant tracheotomy  followed by radiation as the way to go. The radiation /chemo doctor pushed starting with rad/chemo as the way to go. My  general practitioner advised me to go with radiation /chemo first because I could still have surgery if necessary . ALL OPTIONS  SUCK!!!!!!

      I choose the radiation / chemo as my option . Breathing through a hole in my neck and not being able to talk didn't appeal to me. I like the water to much for a stoma tracheotomy.  If it is a have to I would do it but not till all other options are gone.
  I have a appointment to get mapped for the radiation next week and probably one with the chemo doctor to. Then I will start the treatments of 7 doses of radiation a week for 6 weeks followed by 6 weeks or more of chemo.   If the tumor isn't gone then it is back to the knife.

     Even though the news wasn't good I am going to beat this. It hasn't moved to my lungs or any where but my neck its a matter of getting it now.  I did lose 6 more pounds in 2 weeks but I am back to eating ok now.  My G/P wants me to start drinking Carnation breakfast shakes 3 times a day . I can still drop 40 pounds before I am at the perfect 180 by chart.  Which is funny I passed the 200 mark when I was 12 . My Mother always told me at 50 things would fall apart seems she was right !!!!  Mom is taking my health hard I can hear her thinking of my stepdad JC when we talk. He had a bad heart that gave out because of cancer treatments.

   Ok that's it for my health when I blog on here it will be about normal stuff . Life is to short to be down ! Its almost time to go camping and I am itching to go. If I beat the big C and get my disability started I am off to see how much living I can really do!!


  1. gary,
    remember Jesus loves you!

    i have seen people utterly healed of cancer overnight when there was no hope. that is, no hope in human terms.
    God made the world and HGod made you.
    He is the potter ,ypou are the clay.
    praying for you every day.

    over 20 years ago i had 4th stage uterine cancer which had gone to 2 lymph nodes behind the uterus.
    i have no abdominal lymph nodes but i haven't missed them. except sometimes my right leg swells a bit.
    it is amazing how the body heals.

    4th stage is nothing to our God.

    the radiation will make you so tired.

    i kept telling my husband 'i feel like i've died and you forgot to bury me.'.
    i was too tired to lift my hand off the bed but i forced myself.

    do not use lotion, grease, oil, or fatty soap [like dove] while you receive radiation.
    you will have to be careful shaving or stop shaving for a while because of skin irritation.

    take it easy. hard for you, i know, but rest is necessary.
    also any irritating anything or anyone must not be allowed near you.
    if there is a problem let your wife go to the problem instead of the problem coming to your house.
    she'll have to take care of it at a distance.

    rest rest rest.

    you may also become intensely crabby so warn your loved ones.

    let them wait on you.
    ask the doc, but popsicles and ice cream may be soothing.
    my cancer was not where yours is so different measures.

    one thing, i dropped lots of weight and was able to get into a size 18 off the 'normal' racks instead of fishing around in the fat ladies department.

    God can fix it, one way or another.

    your turn to be waited on.
    nice weather is on its way so sitting outside listening to birds and bugs sing is restorative.

    praying for you!

    deborah h.

  2. p.s.
    if you have anaesthesia be prepared for some memory loss, which may be temporary.
    get everything in order so what has to be done is on a list so no oversights.
    do it before any surgery.

    deb h.

    1. Tanks Deb yes prayer is part of the plan . Am putting everything else in place now. radiation isn't as harsh as it was just 5 years ago but I am looking at 42 dose,s.

  3. Gary,

    I hated to hear that news. Stay strong friend, it ain't over till it's over.


    1. thank you Moe. I will beat it, I just hate it will knock me on my ass before it goes.

  4. I have been praying for you also. I'll step that up a bit.
    Fuck cancer.

    1. thanks Phil. I have always feared Cancer and Damn little else.

  5. Well this news sucks, sorry to hear about it but at least you do have two options. If it were me, I also would choose the Chemo treatment first.
    Keep us posted on your progress.

    1. True mike. I will post if any thing changes.

  6. Godspeed good sir. A positive attitude works wonders. Kick cancers ass!

  7. Hello Gary. My name is Irene. I was diagnosed June 2015 with stage 4 non Hodgkin lymphoma. Only reason I found out my left leg below the knee was starting to swell. Believe me, I was total shocked to hear this news, even to this day. I went thru 8 rounds of chemo; on 12th day was when my hair starting falling out, and that was also a shock. My last treatment was Feb 2016. Then I started every 2 months with Rutuxamin. In all this time, I only missed 1 day of work, even with going thru chemo, and that's only because I just felt like playing hooky from work. Anyway, I still have until October and that will be last my treatment. My scans have been good. I'm telling you this because it does pay to be positive and to keep negative thoughts, feelings and negative people away from you, they will just drain you. After going thru all this, now I'm having to face foreclosure on our 40 acres, but I figured the good Lord upstairs healed me so that I now face this new challenge. I did not have to have surgery other than to have a portal put in below my right collarbone. I won't lie to you, it may not be easy for you. Chemo affects people differently, but I have a strong will to live and it made me all the more determined to face what I went thru. Those shakes do taste good, but I would also drink Ensure to give you extra energy. I gave up on RC cola just to help. I ended up losing 36 pounds, simply just didn't have an appetite on some days, heck even eating a small bowl of cheerios was a success, but it's mostly the fatigue that is also a bummer, because there may be days when you will just want to rest and sleep all day maybe and that's all right, because your body is trying to heal itself. I didn't mean to write a book, because I normally don't tell other people this, but I read your blog every day, and I will pray and keep positive thoughts for you.

    1. Irene thank you for what you shared with me it means a lot. I am sorry you are having to battle foreclosure I hope you win that to. attitude is a big part of beating this. I will not be killed by something so small I cant beat it up .

  8. Well, damn! I are sure sorry to hear that. You are taking it like a man. I'll be coming by like always to see how you are doing.

    1. Harry always glad to hear from you ! I will never roll over and give up I have to much I want to , not an option .

  9. Hey Gary, how are you doing!

    1. Doing good for now mike. I get mapped and a mask for the radiation Friday. this will sound trivial but I was able to eat 2 tacos and a burrito at a Mexican restaurant today !!!!