Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheap chilie,bills paid

    Well now that we are back from our trip a cold front moved in.It never fails when we get home for the next week to be cold rainy or windy.This week its all 3.So tonite i made cheap chilie just 1 lb hamburger 2 cans diced tomatoes and 2 cans bush chilie majic.Makes a pot that feeds 4 large folks with some left over for hotdogs tommorow.
     Now i know i could have made it cheaper vegitarian style but i didnt want to hear the kids winning today[after all their only 21!!!] its been full day.I always pick 1 day a week for running around and today was it.4 stores, the water bill got paid, a stop at the bank and my brother in laws to pickup some cash he owed me.He likes my failed beer distilate as do his friends :}.I guess it wasnt to bad a day.All the bills are now payed and have 100 left to squirel away.Its trip money or for the new teardrop build.Me and the wife are still talking about what we want to build she wants a potty I just need a bush.

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