Saturday, March 23, 2013

How i spend my weekends

Today was a workday for me and it went kinda long.Folks kinda just dribbled in all afternoon and it being the end of the month i didnt think id be busy but i sold out.I think this spring and summer will be a good one for BBQ.When i say i dont work thats not to mean i dont do anything im just a lousy employee. I value my time and if im going to do it i want it to pay so i can enjoy my time playing.
      Here is a pic of my BBQ set up in the yard. The tank with the wood beside it is my next grill its going to be a flat 8 ft X3ft grill smoker.The yellow trailer is the serving trailer, my poor white truck thinks its married to the yellow trailer .
    I do good because i want to see smiles on customers faces.I also price my BBQ to sell
     BBQ  SANDWICHS ARE  2for 5.00$     5 for 10.00$
               PLATES       6.00$    or     4 for 20.00$
               WHOLE BUTTS  20.00$   7to 8lb pre cook 
                RIBS   WHOLE RACK 20.00$ HALF 10.00$
   I wont get rich at these prices but i stay busey for a roadside stand open only friday and saturday.I open 3 hours friday and 5 on saturday. this weekend i made 32.50 an hour beats 7.45 at most places.

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