Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy easter

     Hope everyone has had a nice easter.I think this is the first year me and the wife has stayed at home.We seem to be between times with kids most are to old and the new ones to young this year. Easter next year it will be different the young ones will be stumbling around the yard hunting eggs.The parents pointing where to look  as the kids squel at their finds.My wife got to be the easter bunny last year at her work she got to pose with the kids as parents snapped pics on their phones.Yesterday the preacher at the local church asked if i was going to easter service {he gets BBQ every saturday}i said no but i may show up  another sunday.Brother Darrell was kind puzzelled why not easter. I told him my grandpa told me not to be a christmas and easter church person.Guess i am comitted now.well enuff ramblin . HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE

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