Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First weekend of the season for me!!

   The first weekend of april kicks off my summer bbq season.The weather is going  to be clear sunny and mid 70s.If the weather is that nice i will be selling like crazy.Wensday is shopping day this week for me.Looks like i will be cooking 12 pork shoulder 6 slabs of ribs and 5 chickens.The smoker is going to be packed.I got to go to lowes for a new sign  going to make it 4ftx4ft for higher visibility.I will try to post a pic of the smoker full and going this weekend.I do love this work there is something about pulling in on the lot and having people waiting on me that lets me know i am doing it right.When i started doing this at my old gas station i sold a lot to men headed home to hold them till dinner.Now my main customer is women they swing in grab a whole butt or 4 plates mabe 10 sandwiches.Women dont like to cook on weekends ok they dont like to cook period but thats a post in itself.Smiling customers make my day.

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