Monday, April 15, 2013

Have you made a spring to-do list

    It has been a weird weather week around here.First of the week was clouds of pollen blowing everywhere then rain followed by 2 very nice sunny days{the  BBQ sold great }now its rainy and cold again.When you don't have a regular job the weather plays a big part in what you get to do for income and play .The first of the week i finally modified my smoker by adding a grill to the front of it.I had a 250 gallon steel tank that i got at the scrap yard for 30 cents a pound last fall{still was 90$}.Got the doors cut and hinges and the whole thing mounted and welded in place for a 100$.Now if it sounds like a lot you should see what a 5ft long 3 ft wide grill trailer mounted grill sells for on E bay or Craigs list. I have a 8 ft 3ft wide tank that i think i will be working on in a month or so{mabe more}. I may sell it just because i need the money{a profit of 1000 or more}in the emergency fund.Been looking around the yard at all the projects i have half finished and some that just need to be done.Some are just my labor so they go to the top of my list others require funding to complete.The ones that need money spent will be costed and prioritized by weather they make or save money or will get the wife to leave me alone.Guess which one goes to the top of my list?After the list is made I'm looking at it thinking it would be easier to get a job and pay some of it to be done but i wont ill get it done in time.One example i use to motivate me is why pay anyone 75$ an hour to work on my truck.I have never made over 16$ an hour why work for 5 hour to pay a man for his 1 it may take me 3 but still a bargain even with scraped knuckles a lot of cursing . I always learn a little more about the truck.Right now i better get outside and help plant some tulips for the wife if i don't she will plant them in the middle of the yard to spite me.If its dry tomorrow i have to bush hog a lady's back yard. Already have a project for that pay a front walkway to the cars.NO JOB IS A LOT OF WORK.:}


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