Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What are we working for?

      Sometimes when you work you need to know ahead of time what that money is for.All to often we just do it for the money cause we all need money.For me i work at things for specific things.I have a rental trailer it pays most of the utilities but the BBQ  pays for gas insurance and travel.Odd jobs is for the emergency fund .The wife has a part time job and buys the groceries and her mad money{she stays mad}.We tried putting all income together it didn't work for us so far this has been doing good for us.Some times you got to know what your sweating for.Today my wife asked if we could go to dinner tonite.I said sure you buying{yea right}.She plead broke but i feel like Logans so i asked her to help me load an old freeze that had crapped out on the truck.We loaded some other odds and ends from around the yard for the scrap yard.Well the load was over 400 lbs and brought just over 50$.Looks like we go to Logans for theirr 2 for 20 special.It was nice getting the wife to help clean up some of the yard.
    Today was a good example of working for your dinner.

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