Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why we dont want to fly anymore

    Me and the wife in the past took a few vacations that required flying.The last trip was to Las Vegas{a must for anyone at least once}now departing from Birmingham was hassle free.The return trip was a nightmare the scans took time i had bought a snow globe less than a 100 feet from the gate they tossed it out.It was sold in the airport shop but violated the liquid rule our shoes kept setting off the metal detectors.When we got home we swore it was our last flight maybe we are to thin skinned may be we  was feeling that we had paid a fortune to be treated like they were doing use a favor by allowing us to board.I  will never pay to be treated like cattle again.I am glad the airlines can survive without my fare but how many fares can they afford to lose?

     This morning i was watching the news and they had a piece about summer air travel.The man interviewed said TSA was having cut backs that would prolong boarding times ,fuel prices were at an all time high making fares go up, delays longer because of reduced number of flights.The number of passengers due to pricing was expected to be down 5 to 10 %.Now here is an example of how distant cooperation's are from reality.
      After that trip we didnt go anywhere for about 4 years then we got into camping.Now road trips take longer but we see more do more and meet more people.As people skip flying and drive for vacations i dont see them returning to the air.Even flo working at the truckstop is better than a TSA person groping you before a flight.

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