Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I found AMMO !!!!

      Sunday me and the wife went to a local flea market .MT Top is an every Sunday event but  you have to get there early.We got there about 8.30 and it was already full.The place is laid out rows A-K up the hillside and each row is 500 ft long so it is a workout to see it all.The lower part is the regulars and the upper rows are for irregular vendors.The wife decided we would work our way up the hill a row at a time.I prefer to go to the top and work my way down.Even the wife said we should have gone top down when we finished.
      WE looked at this and that but i didn't see anything that i wanted till we hit the upper rows.As i hit row H a man was sitting at a table with boxes of ammo 38s .223 and .40 .He had 20 round and 50 rounds a box.  I could not believe the prices over a buck a round on the 20 counts and just under a buck on the 50 boxes.Asked him if he had any 22s he said a guy down the row did so i moved on hoping to pick up a 500 brick of 22s.What i found was shocking to say the least.A box of 50 thunderbolts was 8$ a brick was 68$ he had about 10 ammo boxes of them in his truck and they looked to be pre Y2K.  I PASSED !!!!  Saw a total of 5 men selling ammo and 3 selling silver coins.cheapest ammo was 7$ for 50 22s and silver was going for 32$ on silver dollars.

     Who says prepping is crazy? I think a normal person getting 1.50% on a CD is crazier.Have you been to a flea market and seen what your area prices are?

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