Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How we pick our trips and cost

   It may be our age but the hassle of Air travel no longer appeals to us.Our teardrop sits ready and fits our style of travel and budget.Most trips that are on this years agenda are less than 400 miles away.For us that's about a 6 hour max drive{takes us 8 with stops and meals}and we tend to arrive around noon.I like to leave at 4am on Monday mornings and return late Thursday nites or Friday morning.The reason for returning on Friday is 1 BBQ 2with 7 kids there is always a crisis 3 parks get crowded on weekends.
      Just for fun grab you a map and a piece of string measure the string to say 350 miles from your home and draw a circle.Now look at all the places you have meant to visit, events that interest you that is in that circle!Frugal travel is possible you just have to look for it
700 miles round trip
25 miles to the gallon
3.25 a gallon X 28 gallons=91$
campground 3 nites at 25$ =75$
166$ for 4 days and 3 nites
    For me and my wife we are able to get to the gulf coast the smokey mountains  Memphis  New Orleans.If we stretch it a little Orlando/Disney world is only 550 miles.Where could you go and what you can do.Hit the road have fun.


  1. I like the way you laid it out. My partner/wife is itch'n to go somewhere and $166 ain't too scary.

    Still haven't found a cheap camper, but we do own a tent.


  2. A tent is fine for short trips but a word of advice.Make sure you have a good air matress and take anything the wife wants for her comfort.If a woman is inconveinaced in any way her first trip YOU WILL PLAY HELL GETTING A SECOND CHANCE.Be prepared to go to a motel to save the trip.Plan it and have fun.Im leaving monday for cades cove campground