Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pills as we get older

 Now i only have 1 prescription that i take.It is a small lo-dose blood pressure pill.Now my blood pressure has always been 138/89 ever since i was a teen and still is but agreed to start taking this one.A few years ago i had to take a diabetes pill but quit  new doctor says i seem to be doing fine with just diet so I'm off that.
    Here is the rub i can barley get all my pills in my reminder holder.
1 ea  blood preasure pill
         baby aspirin
2       aleve for my knees
          multi vitamin
          glucosimin for my knees
          fish oil
          mega B
2        vita  C
  Kinda hard to swallow but i do.I am healthy i take 1 thing from a doctor.The glucosimin and the aleve is for Arthur in my knees  so i can stand up after i sit down{it works}.The rest is vitamins to reverse my gray hair{its not working}.If i was like my best friend {he takes 12 prescription's } I would have to skip a meal.Is it just me or do you feel full at pill time to?When you sort your pills does it look like you robbed a Walgreen's.I hope my health stays good id hate to give up my bacon eggs an biscuits to swallow pills!!


  1. I commiserate brother.

    Inflammation is what's doin us in. Wish I knew how to get rid of it.


  2. Inflammation can be stopped!

    I only take two pills--levothyroxin and premarin. But, I have friends who take a dozen prescriptions each day along with supplements.