Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sorry for not posting

 The pollen count around here is off the charts.On the news they said we are second or third wost in the nation this year.I can believe it for a week i have been suffering all the symptom's .Today i had to be out and every breeze made a cloud of pollen out of the trees .Went over to my buddy's house and his lake had a bright yellow skim covering the whole thing.
   I was lucky i had a supply of clarion generic all the stores near here are sold out.This is the first time in 3 years that allergy's have kicked my a^%.Every prepper needs to keep a good selection of over the counter meds on hand.Even if its not the end of the world store seem to be running out more often than they have in have in the past.Also when you need it its nice to go to the closet and not to the drugstore. her is a hint for all the men DO NOT WRITE THE 'B' WORD ON THE WIFES CAR in the pollen.She failed to see the humor.I had to cook dinner for her for it.Hope the rain get here Thursday like they say.

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