Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is the price worth it. NO

   How many times have you ever looked at something anything really and gone wow i would love to have that.Even when you have something that works just as good?Maybe not as new or pretty and fewer bells and whistles but it does the job.We have all done it,even me.A few weeks ago i went to the RV show that was in town.I was slobbering like a Saint Benard in a Texas heatwave.
 the R POD $16650

the T@B was $16636

    Now these are nice but are they that nice? I like to look as much as the next guy got some good ideas for the future.All i could think was if i buy this id be to broke to travel.This is what i have now and it works
jeep and homemade teardrop $1600
  How many places and how many miles will $15,000 dollars not spent take me?I plan on finding out!!!

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