Friday, April 26, 2013

What do you want for your birthday??

    Well got my birthday out of the way yesterday was my 50th and saw and heard from all the kids.All of them wanted to know what i want for a present.After 50 birthdays and 50 Christmas's and father days there isn't much that i can think to tell them.I don't want anything that sits on a shelf or wall and has to be dusted most other things like tools  i have.Camping gear i am in good shape, so i have a few dinners out to collect on,  a tune up on my jeep was asked for from my son in law.I think the last one is going to fill our tank before we leave for the Smokey's.Now i did kinda traded my son out of his new 12x12 Coleman canopy he has a 4 man tent so i took his canopy and gave him my 10x10 .But i did smile and point out it was my 50th birthday
     My taste are not extravagant and most things i need i have. Every year it gets harder to tell them something i want.My mom says it gets even worse.I am tired of being a slave to my stuff, it cost to store clean repair and use what i already have i would like to get rid of a lot but that's another posting or 5.
   PS. I got 12 cupcakes    1 carrot cake  3 dozen chocolate chip cookies  1 Oreo pie and a 6 pack of hard cider{woodchuck cider is great}now i love all the sweets but I'm diabetic so I'm still on a sugar high.Do my kids love me or are they trying to kill me.JURY IS STILL OUT.

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