Sunday, March 17, 2013

Work weeks done!!!

   Ok mabe not a normal work week but my 2 day week.Was a super weekend for BBQ sunny 75  and lots of traffic.I know i said i dont work but bills got to be paid.And i love doing the BBQ its nice to be able to make a living with happy cutomers that smile.
     Now its time to finish packing and tying up a few loose end before we head to the coast for a few days.the teardrop is almost packed.Told the wife to pack our clothes yesterday she may have it finished 20 minates before we leave monday nite.Yall know what im talking about.Hope its as nice as last years trip.

inner coastal water way between p,cola and mobile
    We swam and watched the barges and sail boats go by had dolpins a few yards away from the picnic area we were at.We dont plan on swiming but will have lunch at the park again.


  1. Me and my partner seem to be trapped here in our little town. Every road trip we plan is thwarted by the Karmic Master, who knows what's up with that!

    Note: that "vintage" travel trailer we went to look at was a little too vintage for the price they were asking.

    Have a great time.



  2. Yep been there, vintage some times means junk. We had a great time