Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter blues

freak snow the 17 of jan.
a snow storm in alabama is what a  yankee would laff at.around here its a rare thing. It sure took me by suprise. The picture above is my smoker and vending trailer lucky this was during the week .I work friday saturday and sunday on the side of the road.If you are ever out anywhere and see a fat man selling food on the roadside you stop and enjoy.
    This year ive been rained on and snow flurried on and blown away with wind.I cant waitfor spring i have done ok selling but it hasnt been easy its payed the bill but nothing extra.Its almost camping weather and i have the itch.
    This weekend the weatherlier says its going to be 69 and sunny if the truth is in him i may make afew days camping money and get to add some cangoods to my prepp storage.Winter i eat in to my food stores a bit just because money is tight.

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