Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pic,s from Amish country and getting ready to roll again

 Well today i woke up and the sun was shining and it hit the low 60s.The wife is off next week and wants to hit the coast for a few days.That means i had to check the teardrop and make sure it is ready to roll.My last trip was in mid october to amish country in ethridge tn. Me and my son  drove up for syrup and sweet patatoes and  baked goods and can goods .While up there we went to jack daniels and took the tour of the distillery.
       Now that is a still, makes my little stove top unit seem like a joke.Also camped at Davey Crockett state park and visited his law office.

The birth place of every drop of JD

dairy farm in amish country

Davey Crocketts law office
     I pulled the camper into the drive striped it down aired it all out and put it back togeather.All thats left is  is toss in the ice chest feels good knowing its that time of year for short trips.

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