Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prepping food inventory check today

    Today im going to check my food prepps.The winter we eat into our pantry kinda heavy.When i made chillie and had to hunt for tomatoes i was shocked .I buy can goods by the case at ALDI,s they average 59 to 65 cents a can or about 8.00 a case.I like an assortment on hand so i buy 5 cases at a wack of differant items.
    Look at it like this 52 cans of something is only 1 a week so i try to keep a large inventory of can goods.If  TSHTF i think i have enuff for 2 mabe 3 good meals a week with the rest being made up in beans rice  flour,patatoes pancakes and pasta.Little Timmy wont be happy at my house but he will live.I am afraid the list will be very long this year because I skimped to much last fall.Saw a news item that the USDA is predicting higher food prices already so i will be starting early on restocking to save money.


  1. Ole' Sixbears advised me to lay in some rice and beans. Good advice for sure.

    Actually, we've been closet preppers/survivalist since back when Howard still had The Ruff Times.

    Funny that you mentioned ALDI's, the first time we saw one of those stores, I thought to myself "this must be some kind of new $Dollar store" not to say we don't shop discount we do. The wife loves the Dollar Tree. Anyway, later I discovered that the ALDI stores are great place to shop.



    1. Well moe i havent found a better place for the price and quality.At sams 25lb pintoes is 16.99 and rice is 17.48 for 50lbs sugar is 22.87 for 50lb flour around 8.00 for 25lbs.Food isnt getting any cheeper

  2. Hi Gary,
    Maybe I misunderstand, but are you saying you eat 52 cans of food a week?

  3. lol No poor writing on my part.If i use 1 can a week of an item its 52 for a years worth.