Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why cash is king

a 98 grand cherokee
   Right before christmas the man across the street put his extra car on the drive for sale1800$. Well i called him because he left for work. James told me he would take 1200$ cash he wanted to take his wife to see her family in New Orleans for christmas,a dinner and the casinos.I knew it had an electrical problem he had told me before when we had talked. I jumped on it !!! book was over 2500$ i had the cash hid so i no trip to the bank needed.I found the problem he had snaged and broke 3 wires coming out of the transmission and it made a short.Taped now is fine;]

     Below is my daughters car she has a old honda but lucked into a deal, this KIA was put out on the road where my son was at a yardsale.My son looked at it and told the man his sister would want it so the man said call him when she got there .My daughter went looked it over before she called the man.She wanted it the price was 900$ so off to the bank it was weekend so she used the ATM.Guess what she found out her bank has a 300 dollar limit on ATM withdrawls.Her solution Daddy, im selling BBQ so she comes up and tells me she has 300 and 300 in the bank she cant get out because did i know ATMs only are good for 300? LOL yes i knew that.I knew what was coming, dad can i BORROW 500 Bobby said he will lend me a 100.Why do you think i have that in cash?Shes said well you always get mad because i dont keep any cash.Well to shorten i go get her 600 {sibling borrowing alway makes for a fight even if its for 1 day].In about an hour here she drives up smiling in this car hands 200 back .The man took 700$ for the car because it needs a brake booster and she had cash.IT runs great brakebooster was 37.00 at the junkyard.I got REPAID {from a child thats rare}in a week.Now i have 2 kids that have learned for great deals CASH IS KING.Make a stash it pays better than a bank!!!!

2003 kia rio

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