Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A unexpected dinner what she wanting?

       Tonite my wife went in to the kitchen, a very rare event.When she starts cooking I tend to hide she like to bang pots and pans uses words i never hear her use anywhere else.Tonite it was raining so i watched  the TV.I didn't hear a sound , I think that scared me more.When my wife cooks i never ask whats for dinner I AM OLD ENOUGH NOT TO ASK.2 wives and30 years of wives i am learning.Anyway she finished called me to fix a plate I walked in to see new red potatoes in butter ,fried squash and onions,corn and fried pork chops.She had cooked everything perfect it was great. AS i sit and write this i have to wonder what she is wanting,what she has bought,what have the kids asked for,the list is endless.A meal like that has a price .At a restaurant its about 12$ when a wife cooks it its much higher!


  1. When my wife is home she cooks good meals but I do all the dishes and kitchen clean up. When she's not home, I mostly cook things in the frying pan or just make something in the crock pot. I like to take spam and slice it up thin, and fry it until it's like jerky. When the kids were home my wife always cooked up good meals and we ate as a family. But when it's just the two of you, it hardly seems worth it.

    1. With my wife i knew it wasnt free. We are babysitting this weekend!!!!