Sunday, September 15, 2013

Changes at the grocery store.

     Last week a local grocery store changed up there lay out in the produce department.They shrank it by half took out cooler and made bigger center tables.The only part that stayed the same was the fruit section.It struck me as odd so when i saw the manager i asked why.
     The store manager told me that the produce sales had been dropping for years.Part of it was the older folks were passing away and the younger folks didn't cook from fresh as much.Also Home gardens had eaten into sales, cost were going up and loss was up because what they could get wasn't the quality it use to be.
    As we talked he said the whole store was being relaid to reflect new purchasing trends more frozen foods and more heat and eats.A lot of the store brands have more shelf space now and a lot of the isles are took up with cheep to stock bulk.
     It is a shame that cooking may one day be as rare as a horse drawn wagon.


  1. Man, that's dangerous too. When it gets to the point that nobody can fix meals from raw food, things will get tough when the heat and eat stuff is no longer available. That's a bad trend. I'm glad you posted about it because it gives me something I need to think about and figure out what, if anything, I need to do to compensate for that trend.

    1. I had never noticed till they changed my store but most veggie sections have shrunk.The stores have just expanded the fruit section so it looks full.