Thursday, September 19, 2013

Work is harder than it once was!

      Well got to tearing that metal off the pole barn today.I had already saved 10 12ft sheets that were not on the roof.Went over at 7 am while it was cool to start on the roof.Boy did i get a surprise.Was expecting to have to pull down 30 12footers No that would have been too easy, the roof was 15 24 foot sheets of 14 Ga roof metal.No one was around to help and i am to stupid to give up! I crow bared 10 of those monsters free had to flip them so about 40lb of leaves and dirt could fall off each one.I  had to drag them off the runners to the ground.I bet they weighted 120lb or more to make it worst i had to drag them 200 ft to my fence then lift an end over the fence to my yard.MY arms and legs felt like jelly after the first 5 sheets.It was almost 11 by then i was ready for lunch my shirt was soaked hands shaking legs barley made it in the house.I knew my sugar had to be below 50 i grabbed 2 Cinnamon rolls a buddy bar 2 ham sandwiches a regular coke and 2 bottles of water before i felt better.My wife looked at me and just shook her head,I think i heard the term stubborn jackass more than once by her before my head cleared.I piddled until 530 then got the other 5 into the yard.I still have 5 sheets to get down and into the yard that will be done in the morning.
      I don't remember work being this hard! I  loaded trucks from 95 to 99 i loved to take young guys in to floor load trailers with 4 or 500 cases.Back then hard work was fun.Now its a lot harder than it once was!!!!


  1. " A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

    The Duke had it right. Just don't kill yourself. Working with sheet metal is hard. Hope you have a good pair of work gloves.

    1. yea good leather ones.took today off to rest and do the BBQ