Sunday, September 22, 2013

Restaurant depot first visit.

    Last week i was on the other side of town and decided to check out a new store.A few friends  had told me about a restaurant supply store that had opened.They said it had great prices and more bulk items than SAMs or COSTCO so while i was in town(witch i hate)we took a little time to go check it out.
    Man oh Man i felt like a kid in a candy store Prices blew the Club's prices away!Even my wife who isn't a shopper was pointing out this and that and how cheep it was.As most of you all know most stores have 25 lb bags of pintos this place had pintos black eyed peas black beans and butter beans in 25lb bags sugar was 3 $ a fifty less than SAMs cases of #10 can veggies cheeses.The spices here was cheep and a huge variety.A lot of ethnic spices that for most folks cost and are hard to find.I also went into the cooler section to check out the meats for the BBQ They had a larger selection at 20 to 50 cents a pound cheaper.This was the first place i had seen that had pork belly and whole pork shoulders (that's leg and pork butt in one)for sell.
     As a cook  I could have spent a 1000$.As for prepps i could see many o those cases of #10 cans making there way into my basement real soon.If you have a Restaurant depot near you it is worth the trip!! Oh just for the record the day i went i had 42$ in my pocket and didn't buy anything but Tuesday i am going back.So i am going to get off here and pay all outstanding bills before i go Tuesday.I want one of those, 2 of those ,6 of them ,4 of that and a dozen of those.


  1. I wish we had something like that, but there is nothing similar within 150 miles. For me to go to a Costco or Sams is an all day trip.

    1. Harry if you can find a small dinner they would mabe let you order from there suppliers.