Monday, September 23, 2013

Here is a pic of a scrap built BBQ stand i built.

   This is built on an old pop up trailer frame.It was my son,s BBQ stand till he developed HEAD UP RECTUM  sickness.

    After i put the new metal on the garage and get it cleaned out I should be able to sheath and roof a 12x12 storage shed with what i pull off.It beats scraping it.


Here is those 21 footer,s i have to cut down for the garage and lean to.


  1. Did you steal that off Maw and Paw Kettle?

    There used to be a little place like that on the way to work. The guy had the best barbecue and Brunswick stew I ever ate. Used to pick some up on the way home and have it for supper. He had a heart attack though and his shed sat there for awhile then the county bulldozed it.

  2. No paw kettle wanted to much for i built one myself

    Little places care about the food and price of the food they serve.A lot of places know there food is average so they try to fool people with fancey themes and gimikie dinning.I think clean dives have the best food