Monday, September 9, 2013


      Have had my mom visiting the last 2 days been kinda nice normally i drive up to see her.This time she came down for a few days she plans on going home Wednesday.Mom is 70 years old and her age is beginning to affect her more and more.I think this visit has really shown me i need to spend more time with her than i have in the past.She has Parkinson's and i do not think she will be driving much by next summer.Its 75 miles to her house and this summer she has had leg tremors in her right leg.I think her long drives are about over when she is at home a long drive for her is 5 miles.I carried her to SAMs club she likes to stock up on some items.I don't like for her to drive here in town her home town has maybe 4000 people in a 20 mile area.

     I think this visit has shown me mom is getting old,its strange you never want to admit that someone you love is hitting the last years of their life but it happens to everyone.My brother lives with her so i do know she is looked after.Really I'm not sure who looks after who but it has seemed to work.My brother is a mommas boy always has been always will be but it has kept her going since my stepfather passed away.I have always been the blacksheep in the family but i think i will be visiting more.I don't want to look back after shes gone and wonder what was so damn important that i didn't spend the time with her i could have.In the end what do we have except for family , friends and memory's?


  1. My mom came to visit me a couple of years ago. She stayed two weeks. I love her but by the time she left I was about ready for a nervous breakdown.

  2. They do have that effect!!! Do you ever wonder if we have the same effect on our own kids?