Thursday, September 12, 2013

Solar charged my truck battery

    Today i went out and tried to crank my ford ranger to go to the store.All it did was click the battery in it has been on its last leg for 2 months so it was no surprise.I haven't drove it in over a week.I made the trip in my jeep but when i got back it was noon sun was out so i got an idea.I have a 80 watt BP solar panel stored in my shed so i got it out leaned it against the truck clamped the wires to the battery.No charge controller just straight 80 watt panel about 4 amps 4 hours of sun 16 amp hours into a wore out battery.What the hell if it works great if it don't i got jumper cables.
   Well went out and disconnected the solar panel from the battery jumped in and the truck barley cranked.Took off to the gas station come back let it idle for 20 minutes.Was happy the panel worked hooked it to my tractor battery for tomorrow to top it up to.
            P.S. before dark tried to crank the truck it just grunted.A solar panel is great when the sun is out but batteries are the weak link.I think i am going to replace the truck battery with a good marine battery this time.


  1. My daughter called me today and the battery in her Jeep Commander had failed. I notice the battery in my Cherokee Sport is not acting any too healthy either. It hasn't been that cold so it must just be coincidence that we are all having battery problems at the same time.

  2. Maybe the battery,s are telling us to get ready for a verrrry cold winter. Better to have the trouble now than when its 15 and windy.The past says get a battery now and the starter will go out this winter.

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