Thursday, August 22, 2013

a few pics that i meant to post yeterday.

this is a picture of the brisket hash i want to do but i want a few more peppers and onions in it.

I may add tacos and wraps to the lunch but it will be filled with smoked beef pork or chicken to keep cost down.I love BBQ but a lot of people may want a different twist.

  I  am looking at re fried beans and rice one i like them 2 its survival food Mexican style. Like i said yesterday i only have a 70 sq ft kitchen so i will be limited in what i can have prepared.


  1. That breakfast plate looks delicious to me

    1. Thank you moe.If i do deside to go full time i hope that becomes my flagship dish for breakfast.

  2. That looks mighty good to me. If you had a little restaurant around here I'd be a regular breakfast customer.

  3. be warned i dont give free coffee to old geezers.women of loose morals maybe!