Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Mother is against me opening a legal food truck.

  Friday i called my mom i hadn't talked to her in a few weeks(I know i should call her more often)as we talked i told her i was probable going to licence up the food stand.Her response was not what i expected she said life is short your making it OK why did i want to take on the headache.You have time to camp you aren't as stressed as you was with a business(at the end of my last business i was kicking doors off the hinges rather than using doorknobs)you even look happy now.My 70 year old mom told me i was right in what i was doing.
     OK here is the back ground for years i said i was going to Quit work and take 3 years off and have a mid life retirement while i had good health and could enjoy living.She had always told me that wasn't how people were supposed to act.You were to work till you were 65 retire and then enjoy life.Well mom retired at 62 but the same year my stepfather got cancer they didn't get to do what they had spent years looking forward to doing.J.C. passed away after 2 years of poor health.After that mom felt cheated out of a good husband and their plans.She called me one day and said if you can survive and make ends meet take a Minnie retirement she wished they had.
     Mom did offer up an idea that i will probable wind up doing.Her idea was to cater company parties and open on Sunday's.Not any catering of fancy events just BBQ employee appreciation lunches stuff like that.Now i have done  few company lunches and tried a few Sunday's  maybe i gave up to soon and should build up that side.I would be able to do this without any cost increases or food inventory costs.


  1. I never was one for having a business. Too much pressure and uncertainty. My brother did well having his own business, much better than I ever did. I just wanted something I could count on. Then by the time I realized what I was doing (accounting for an oil company) maybe wasn't all that great, I was making too much money to quit and I had a wife and kids. By the time I retired I was just about a basket case and I think most of my health problems are related to that stress. Whatever you do, I hope it works out for you.

    1. The stress of work in general is verry un-healthy.I ran a convienance gas station for 10 years.In 10 year i went from dark brown hair to snow white.i gained 40 lbs and hello was fighting words.In 2 years ive lost 20 lbs lowerd my blood pressure and got my blood sugar back under control. I AVOID STRESS AT ALL COST.Thats one reason i havent opened anything.have you ever noticed that after 10 minates of quiet in the woods or on the water how much better you feel?