Thursday, August 29, 2013

The scrap haul and other stuff paid.

    Well i made the scrap run on Tuesday and it was worth the time made 42$ off the junk and cleaned up some of the yard.Now i am not like most scrap scroungers i don't go looking for it.Most of what i haul off is dropped here by family and friends.Everyone has something to scrap from time to time but rarely enough to justify a trip to scrap yard some how a lot seems to make it to my yard.I just put it under my lean to till i have a trip or need gas money.I like to think of it as poor mans precious metals.I do not sell any lead or cooper.I feel the long term increase in price is worth the wait.
      After i had sold the scrap i took my brother in law a gallon of distilled beer:) .When i got home a friend of mine came by and asked if  i would be interested in making 10 $ an hour cutting his grass (his mower and gas)he was hurting in his back.Sure i know it takes him most a day.Now he is a friend and i felt bad to be paid but knew if i refused pay he wouldn't agree to it.I cut 3 acres in 4 hours.Will do the weed eating tonite.My buddy was happy with the cutting and he didn't nit pick the work so i know he had to be hurting.Now a year ago if i had started  week broke i would have been in panic mode but i have learned there is always something someone needs done and stuff that will sell. It may not be as regular as a payday i had 6 hour involved and netted over 140 dollars.still have 3 hours of weed eating to do and 2 more days for odd jobs to pop up.I am ready for this weekend plan on working Friday,Saturday,Sunday and Monday.Last Monday i laid in 20 Boston butts 9 slabs of ribs and 4 chickens(was the reason i was broke)this cost me almost 200 more than a normal weekend.

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