Saturday, August 10, 2013

why didnt I get anything done this week?

     Look we all have projects that we want to get done.If you are married its double the projects your and hers.This morning i got up early to put 10 butts on the smoker to sell today and i got to looking around at some of my projects.Since way before the 4th of July i cant think of 1 project i have completed.So when i get done i think i will make a list of projects ON PAPER that away i can see what i need to get done.What i want to get done.Also what the wife says i MUST get done{or else}.The last year i have got terrible about forgetting to pick up odds and ends that we need so i have a notebook that i jot stuff down on.Now it looks like im going to have to make myself a todo list also.
     I am begining to understand the the term oldhiemers and sometimers all  to well.when i was working i had no trouble prioitizing work and planning a day.Maybe it was because i always had dead lines but now I am my own boss(ok shes the boss but dont admit it)and need to get my act togeather.Lists,Lists,Lists.


  1. It's probably just that you have too much to do. I'm that way. I start on something, see something else that looks more urgent, start on that, forget the first thing. Being older doesn't help (I'm past sixty) but really I think it's just overload.

  2. Harry i didnt reply earlier because i made a list and have worked my butt off.Now the wife has pencied in her ideas for the week.gettin he outside stuff done first and the stand it makes money.May be it is age now i understand what my grand paw told me retirement was a lot of work