Monday, August 26, 2013

A free water heater can cost more.

     This weekend i had to replace our hot water heater.I have to admit it lasted i checked the date it was put in in 1991 so it lasted 22 years my stepson is a plumber said most last 10.TJ got me and his mom a good high efficacy unit for 400$ its also 50 gallons.

      I could have got a free electric unit from the power company to replace my gas one but i did a little research.The unit they give away was rated at 458$ a year cost the one i paid 400$ for is rated at a annual cost of 265$.So i recoup my money in 2 years and will save 200$ every year after that.Also to go to electric i would have had to add a 220 breaker and run 30 ft of 10/2 wire about 60 bucks for that.Not to mention how slow recovery is on an electric.
When you see the word free alarms should sound it rarely is free.
       I am glad i got it done before winter it was leaking a little and last week the pilot had to be lite every day.Tomorrow i am going to haul the old water heater an old stove and aluminum cans to the scrap yard.After this hit to the budget i have 12 dollars for gas money this week i hope what i haul off brings 25 $.If it doesn't I'm going to have to borrow money from the wife or a loan shark who may give a better rate than she will.Luckily the scrap yards closer than the dump and they pay me instead of me paying to dump it.


  1. I use a propane hot water heater. Can't run the heating element of a hot water heater off my generator, the load is too great.

    1. If i was off grid i would use propane to.