Friday, August 30, 2013

This is a post from James Dankin,s blog.

Normalcy Bias used to mean that the average prepper/survivalist refused to believe that anything really truly bad was going to happen outside a few natural disasters. They could continue to live in huge urban areas, drive their SUV’s and afford really expensive trophy wives. They could have their cake and eat it too. As long as they stocked a case of MRE’s and thirteen different cool looking plastic poodle shooters, they could sleep the rest of the righteous and all would be Double A-Okay. This mindset is everywhere, from “UN forces will invade so stockpile a concrete fortress atop a mountain” blogs to paper magazines urging you to take out a thirty year mortgage on a homestead, assuming that the bankers will take asparagus for the next payment. Now Normalcy Bias means that all the really gruesome crap happening to us is ignored or downplayed, being The New Normal. As in, it seems to be normal when an earthquake destroys most of a country and years later nothing is back to prior conditions. Normal means a city like New Orleans will NEVER be rebuilt. Normal seems to be that we can double the national debt in one Presidential term, and can do it again and again forever without consequences.


The New Normal means we can invent e-money by the trillions and inflation won’t appear. New Normal is a third of all houses being underwater. New Normal means radiation from nuclear reactors STILL being emitted from an ongoing meltdown years later won’t ever concern us. New Normal is ALL the worlds super-giant ( the elephants ) oil fields in near double digit yearly decline causing no raised eyebrows. Even though frack oil has been no more than a FIVE percent increase in our daily oil use, we seem to think it means a New Normal of energy independence. In short, folks, the whole system is shaking apart. But because it has been in collapse for several years we seem to find this new condition the new normal and are steadfastly ignoring it. Which is why everyone seems to think they have forever to prepare. What they really have is from zero days to Who Knows How Long. But they all act like they have forever. So they go shopping for three thousand dollar 308 AR’s.


I’m standing at the food checkout the other day, knowing it will be awhile since Sammy Slackjaw is trying to scan barcodes and making it look like a really difficult Jeopardy question from the category “1834 Opera Writers With Syphilis”. I have the unique talent of always picking the cart with the square wheel and the slowest checkout lane. So I peruse the latest issue of SWAT magazine. What the heck, I loved that one as a hormonal teenager lusting after females and firearms. And there it is, a side by side comparison of the newest category to tingle men’s nipples across this great land, 308 battle rifles in the AR platform. I won’t start again on the loathsome qualities of that rifle design ( and don’t get cocky, AK’ers. You can’t hit a barn over a hundred yards ). What I’m arguing against is the extreme price tag. Anyone who wants to spend this kind of coin on a single survival item is, frankly, either retarded or has more dollars than cents ( get it? Cents, sense ). Or both. They are dumb ass yuppie survivalist scum. They don’t rally want to survive the apocalypse, because without an SUV to drive their lazy ass around, without a pretty wife to attract other eyes away from this wretched life form of a husband, without the tens of thousands of rounds to enable semi-autos to continue firing, saving our poor wheezing bastard the hard manual labor of working a bolt action, life simple won’t be worth living. They were raised on pabulum and every labor saving device known to man, and they shall die with a propane gas fireplace remote in their hand. Nothing is too good for our girly-men in hunter cammo.


For three grand, you could have it all. And by all, I mean a rifle and ammo, a years worth of food for each family member, land without a mortgage, shelter and anything else you need to survive the collapse of western civilization. You simply can’t do so in luxury. Do you hear the ensuing silence? Almost as if a fart in a church pew was unleashed. Live on grain instead of freeze dried food? Live with ONE firearm instead of one each of every kind ever invented? Live on a fifth of an acre without utilities, on a dirt road? Instead of a third of a million dollar McMansion? Oh, the humanity! How did mankind live like this bare assed savage who somehow hijacked this word processor, long before our beloved Oil Age that simply must last forever because I , your dear reader, simply wish it to be so? Who could live without luxury? Why, I’d rather slit my wrist than live in a cold tent eating gruel and being forced to recon without, SOB!, vests full of AR magazines, their familiar weight reassuring me I can win all firefights if only I send enough un-aimed shots downrange like the super stud ninja warrior I am!
I’m going to pretend all of you uninitiated into The One True Way Of Frugal Survivalism are not there of your own accord, but were brutally denied education by all “experts” out there who insisted only the rich deserve to survive. Walk towards the light! You can save yourselves and your families, even as you face declining real wages and inflated necessities prices. You can survive off of feed store grain, bolt action hunting rifles, junk land no one else wants, crude shelters and nothing much more. Gear will not help you survive. Attitude will. And if your attitude is that of a whiney privileged bitch-boy, all the expensive gear in the world won’t save you. Avoiding taste fatigue, having the option of multiple wildly shot rounds, living in only the best residences- none of these help you survive. Having a smidge of fortitude to rough-it a bit in life will allow you to prepare for pennies on the dollar. And immediately, since no one knows when the wheels come off this patched up squeaky malformed engine. Anyone telling you that you have twenty years is just as full of it as one who tells you we will all die tomorrow. Don’t let others pick collapse timeline for you. How about you let your family’s well being decide for you rather than your admiration of an “expert”.


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  1. Hey Gary,

    I like James and his way of saying what's - what; no B/S he's actually living the life every single day.


    1. I like dankin and his writing he is bare a bare bones survivalist.he isnt a prepper his goal is survival.A minimalist in his aproach.

  2. Normalcy bias is getting a lot of attention these days. I'm sure it effects everybody to some extent on a subconscious level.