Friday, August 2, 2013

no sleeping on the beach

  Some people just cant keep up with us old folks.

the family hoped a seagull well you get the idea
    My step daughter took a nap as we played in the sand.
our spoiled grandson Noah

The little one was wide open all day even as his momma was snoring in a chair. Its funny you have kids when your young but there no fun until you get thegrands.Ever wish you could have skiped kids and gone straight to grandkids? I have.Hear is my sister in law building a sandcastle in the surf.It was more like a hole with sea water in it.

digging is useless on the beach
 Everyone needs a break even an unemployed fat man like me it was nice to have some of the family togeather with us.Normaly me and the wife camp alone but i think we will be inviting our son and linda to go with us on more we had fun.The bigest reason we cant is they work durring the week and i do the BBQ on the weekends.If i worked a regular job i couldnt afford or have time to enjoy life.Unlearn and live!
     It is amazing what you can do when you owe no banker and keep what you earn.STARVE THE BEAST and OWE NO BANKER!!!!!!!


  1. I've enjoyed being retired and not having to say "yassuh, massah, suh" to anyone. I understand your feelings.

    I like to go to the beach but I don't go out in the water. When I was stationed at NAS Milton Field in Pensacola back in the mid seventies, the approach to one of the runways took us right down Pensacola beach, just off shore. You could look down and see where the water dropped off. There would often be huge sharks hanging out there, and people swimming right past them who couldn't see them under the water. I always said to myself that if the engine quit I was gong to land on the beach, not in the water like we were supposed to. People were just going to have to get out of my way. :-)

  2. Harry i understand you should look up an ariel picture of shark ally off miami beach.The day the sleeping pic was took 2 guys surf fishing next to us caught a 2 ft sandshark while we swam.