Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some ideas on a food truck.

      Well i wrote 2 post that when i read them sounded like gibberish.I guess every blogger has done it but mine was real bad.Anyway the last few days i have been spending a lot of time looking for recipies that i can cook and serve when i deside to go back into a bussiness.Now i have stated many times that all i have been doing is a roadside BBQ on friday evenings and saturday it has been fun an has added to my abilities in the food service bussiness it is not enuff income long term.Yea i pay the bills and have a lot of free time but i need to be looking to the future.
    What i have is a food truck trailer its only 7x10 or 70 sq ft so my menue will have to be small and quick to fix.The way i have it in my mind is a breakfast setup at a high traffic gas station.I want a signiture dish that is quik easy and flavorful 
this is my smoker and the yellow stand   

   Around here you can get just regular breakfast fair so i think i have settled on something a little differant in a homemade hash i think it sounds good and is cost efective any feedback will be welcome.
 1 1/2 cup cubed red patatoes fried
 1/2 cup red yellow ,green peppers,oinions sauted
  4oz. smoked brisket choped
  combined in a skillet tossed let to blend 2 minates topped with 2 eggs your way.add gravy if wanted served with toast or biscuits
 5.00$ out the window in 3 minates.
  I will have regular items but i dont want to be known as just anouther fastfoodmorter location.the lunch menue is a little easier having done BBQ for years it is my mainstay and what i know best but have found some good wraps and other non BBQ sandwiches that should be doable in the space and setup i have.OH just for the record i do notdo hamburgers!!!!I love good burgers but a good burger cost to make and the average person will not pay for a good burger. A lot to think about before i go whole hog into a full time businness again. But the demgraphics dont lie women under 25 cant cook and women over 45 wont cook.AS for us men we just want good food.

     Sorry for the print size change and mis-spellings blogger freaked out as i finished writing.


  1. All the different licensing requirements have about put that line of work out of business in this state. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    1. to do nothing differant than what i do now but do it legal would cost 5000$ a year in fees licensing insurance and food handling classes.My county health dept. will not issue a permit for a mobile only i have to do it in anouther county but state law allows me to operate state wide all i have to get a county and city permit for where im going to be for sales taxes.

    2. I can't understand all this license stuff except in the context of the government just screwing more taxes out of people. For thousands of years people got along just fine without some bureaucrat coming by to pick up the government's "cut" in the form of fees.

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    4. It the submiting to their authority that chaps my ass.