Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Doonsday preppers tonite on TV.

        Tonite is doomsday preppers on the discovery channel.I love watching this show some of the people are either crazy or made to look like they are.Now we know most preppers are not as dramatic as they ar made to look.Most people that prepp are generalist there is no one thing that is all consuming that they prepp for.Around here tornadoes are the main weather threat and so i use my basement and storm cellar for storage.Now i don't know about anyone else but my food prepps are 3 levels and cost is an issue

Level 1 is 30 days of food that we use everyday

level   2 is got more caned meat vegetables soups spaghetti's sauces and other single dish items about 90 days worth

level 3 i hope is still unused when i die its wheat rice beans noodles flour corn sugar honey powdered milk and other long life staples  i only  have maybe 6 months worth of calories for me and my wife.

     Now i know this is nowhere near what a lot of people have but i feel comfortable with 8 to 12 months food on hand.I treat prepping as a hobby it allows for other hobbies i love.

Camping makes use of a lot of  my prepps

Solar energy learning its limits

Gardening growing some fresh vegetables (ps didn't plant squat this year)

History i think our future will resemble our past

Shooting i love target shooting out of 15firearms i only bought 2 at a store.(when someone needs a loan i take firearms for collateral if i get re payed fine if not fine ).

Beer brewing and Distilling.learned both from my exwifes grandfather.(i do not drink)

   I guess i became a prepper because it includes a lot of things i liked anyway.I started prepping by accident it was more of a name change than anything.When i first quit working it sure made the first year a lot easier used a lot of supplies up and are SLOWLY putting them back.Did you just wake up and start worrying or were yo almost there before you even heard of prepping?


  1. I'm too tired to watch tonight, but I have the satellite receiver set up to record the show. After the Doomsday Preppers show the premier of their spin off is on.

    Sometimes I see things on Doomsday Preppers that are worth knowing, and other times it's like fingernails going down a black board. I watch it, though.

  2. I recorded it myself because it conflicts with a show the wife watches.Sometime good telivision and good scence are totaly differant.

  3. I missed the show but normally try to watch it. I feel the shows have gone off the edge and teach little about normal prepping but now go overboard with extreme attitudes and money. The producers appear to want to show only the extreme wacko’s and grossly incompetent people thereby tainting the name ‘prepper’.

    Gary I like your approach to storing food, it makes a lot of sense.

    As for the number of months of food storage that is a hard question to answer and be comfortable with. Small local disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, weak global growing season etc) are pretty easy to handle with 6-12 months of supplies. Since we just don’t know what the size and type the global or country wide disaster will be I feel that storing grains, beans and dry pasta in large quantities are the only way to handle that along with growing your veggies and raising chickens for eggs and meat. The only problem with this is protecting them and yourself 24/7 from starving marauders.

    1. Mike glad to hear from you.Yes the producers of the show are trying to show us as lunitics.I did like the part of the show this week where the man had buried his camper.As for farming after an event i personaly think stealth planting over a wide area in small plots is best.Think root crops and greens.As for storage very long term cost and space limits us all.