Thursday, August 1, 2013

A few pics of the coast.

     I just wanted to post a couple of pics of us enjoying being away from home.
     The surf was mild and the water was shallow so everyone could go in. There is somethin about the ocean that a river or lake cant match.

    Afew hours of sun and surf wore us out. 
blogger has gone apeshit will try more later sorry!!!!!


  1. There IS something special about the ocean. During my 11 years in the Marine Corps, I spent almost the whole period living on the beach, or out on a ship. My wife and I still try to go to the beach once a year or so, in the fall when it isn't so crowded.

  2. I told the kids that we were swimming in the engine of the world.That week it was running smooth.Even in this modern world 80% of people still live close to the sea,a river,or lake.

  3. I lived in a coastal town (Naples, FL) for 5 years. I made it to the beach probably less than 15 times the whole time I was down there. Lots of wasted opportunity.

    1. Visiting the beach for me is a differant setting.Locals dont ever feel the same way.If you live near the beach you go to the mountains if you live in the mountain you go to the beach.As bad as i hate to admit it there are places under 50 mile worth a visit and i havent visited.